Hello! My name is Sara and I’m excited to bring you into my vegan kitchen! I aim to wp-1545450379319..jpgmake delicious and easy vegan food for any meal of the day.

Before we begin on that journey, I wanted to introduce myself and my life to you.

My day job is a Kindergarten teacher in a Title 1 school, and I love it. It is challenging in so many ways that many people can’t even imagine, but it is also rewarding in so many ways. With that said, I am basically never a “regular person” from the hours of 9-4, so you’ll notice a lot of my posts will come at night and during the summer. I teach my students compassion for people and animals every day through actions and words. I’m loud, usually unapologetic, and love to share my love for learning with everyone I meet. I will try to bring some of those qualities here to tofufordinner.

I have been vegan for over a year now, so I’m still considered a “newbie” but I love to learn and love to experiment. I am constantly getting new ideas and making pre-dinners before dinner because I saw a cool idea on Instagram or something. My husband has to do a lot of cardio to help combat my cooking habits.20190101_000339

My husband, Adam, is a super supportive guy who is also vegan and had been for almost a decade before I met him in 2015. I didn’t quite understand the lifestyle then, and made him eat all sorts of foods that were so not vegan, I’m embarrassed to say. But, he helped me see the light, so here I am to stay! He’s an excellent writer, so he’ll be doing some of the writing here at tofufordinner. He is a Star Trek and all things Sci-fi nerd, so bonus points if you spot his references (because they’ll be there).

We have three fur children, Cady, Gracie, and Lucy, all of whom have very different and very loud personalities. He says they get that from me. Lucy is the baby of the family, and she surely acts it. You’ll definitely hear and see more about them because I am absolutely a cat lady. As I type this, I am drinking coffee from a mug that reads, ” You had me at Meow”.

My goal with this blog is to create and showcase a normal kitchen in a normal house. My pictures might not always be the best, but I am learning to make those better. I live in a 100 year old house that does not have great natural light, so, that makes it tricky some days to get a good shot! I want people to see the everyday cooking of an everyday vegan. Some days, I’ll post recipes that I’ve created, and some days I’ll post recreations of other great vegan recipes. I can’t wait to share my kitchen with you!

Peace, love, and go vegan.

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